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Thursday, November 25, 2010

On hiatus in BS, officially.

I feel like deleting this blog, but, never mind. All my memories are here.

My friends, please update my blog-address in your blog directory^_^

[ ] Thank you bb.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

As I've been regularly updating at LJ, and I'm considered inactive over here due to my over-presence over at LJ, be it at my writing/personal journal, I'm officially kinda announcing this blog to be on hiatus.

Find me over at LJ.
And, you'll find a very annoying and overly-ranting Cheryl. BLEAH. =P

I'm sorry, I can't help but to put Siwon's pic here because he is just so hilarious. Siwon has very very epic expressive face. lmao.


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Sunday, September 5, 2010

IDK why am I here. Booo... My hongkong pics is STILL not up on facebook and probably yan is skinning me very soon. I'm going to very lame and random (grumpy) in this post so be warned, by me of course. ^^

MY PAY IS FINALLY FINALLY OH SO FINALLY COMING NEXT WEEK. I'm feeling utterly dry these weeks after the trip and gosh, it seems to be like I'm owing everyone money. THIS SUCKS. Didn't I told myself to go hide in some ulu cave in North South Korea? If I seems to be not enthu in going out, it's because I have totally no money and I don't want to go out to spend. I don't feel good, and I feel even worse when I have to get you to pay first. /bangwall

So anyway, I still spent ending up owing everywhere. Pay day is my debt-clearing day. Oh I feel so great to clear debt, then my account still going to be borderline poor, how great.

Why are my weekends spent outdoor and I want to stay indoor to write!!? soh lidikillous. Please, stop getting me spending already. I'm dead poor and I'm going to almost snappy when comes to budget and everything. No I'm not kidding, perhaps.

One more month in IE and I'm probably going to extend again. Good or bad? I'm thinking of doing tuition to earn more money. I want money money MONEY!!!! *grabs whatever money raining from the sky* lol.

Oya, today, when I went to my cousin's baby first month buffet at her house and of course we met every relatives who turned up. Shall not talk about the times when they turned up, I tried to call the first one, she doesn't bother to nod or put some fake smile, fine. Then the second one, heck I did care to bother to greet. She's fine with it anyway I bet. After which I didn't turn to throw any glances at them, I kept eating on food and food and ya, desserts, then I spaced out, if my phone hadn't have low batt, I would just concentrate on writing my flows in notes. We spent a bit of waiting and dilly-dallying to chat with Uncles and Aunts before bidding goodbyes to everyone. Then came them waving a oh-so-enthusiastic goodbyes to us at the lift, was that necessary? Was that genuine? Or were they trying to be grateful that we were finally leaving? Beats me and I'm not going to care, I'm going to take it as they were being too enthusiastic for NOTHING. Or maybe it was just me thinking too much, but not only I thought so too.


This was when the big big rain came looming over the skyscrapers at CBD. It would be great if I was working there. LITTLE GENTING!

I love this gummy.
Me eating the sweet! And see this is where my lameness comes into picture. fancy taking selcas at my desk. JBEE. No!! =P
Ending with this cute chibi!Yesung picture. There's one more Kyuhyun's and I forgot to download. Kyuhyun's cat and Yesung's mouse. I wish I can draw like this.

Tml's monday. OMFGIM!!!! /dead


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KL/Genting Trip posted in my LJ.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm moving?

I'll be posting either here or there. Just random since my office blocks BS... I may do posting at LJ more often then. BLEH!

I need to do serious updating next week and great, I totally stuck with the development again. OMFG... I'm tired and I want to sleep.


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

can die can die can die.
I need my brain to get working on MF. Shit. I couldn't think of the right development.


Anyway, I'm confirm going to Malaysia with Yan they all next next week. the 18th if I'm not wrong.

I need some quality amount of sleep, get my brain grinding for more room of thoughts.

I'm totally neglecting my blog over here. TOTALLY. yeh.

Instead of acting like a crazy fan girl here, I shall just post a video and keep my mouth shut. But you stop me from mentioning Yesung!! =P

and OMFG *key smashing*

I got several shock by watching this performance.

1. Anyone heard this song, before this perf is out, thought that the first singer is Kyuhyun? I did. I totally did.
2. I was quite skeptical about myself about the second singer, I thought it's Yesung. But on a second thought, he doesn't sounds like him, wait, he did, wait, no... yes he is Yesung. argh!
4. I love this boys because the way they put on their performance, it's really very heartwarming. Especially seeing everyone except that omfg EEEEEEEE heechul smiling and grinning while dancing. awesome.
5. charisma YESUNG!

I feel like watching this perf a million times! XP

P/S: I concluded that I was partially right to say that the first singer is by Kyuhyun because he is the harmonizing voice along with Siwon's part.



I shouldn't stress myself from churning things out. Blah. *off to LJ*
BTW I REALLY DISLIKE BLOGSPOT NOW. & I don't know why I'm keeping this instead of moving over.

I really don't know myself.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

i swear i wanted to upload photos but stupid blogspot is so slow...

tml's yenpeng last day.. i think i'm going to miss her. because we used to chat and gossip together everyday... isn't that nice to have a nice friend working together?

a simple reply isn't bad. maybe it's me who thinks too much.


i'm going to eat good food tomorrow and pay come quick! i'm going broke soon.

quick update for me before i go off sleeping:

-watched sex&the city2 yesterday with yan they all. LOL seriously.
-eating fish&co and saizeriya on friday (get fat)
-next week i'm going genting with yan.
p/s: I'M GOING FOR THE RIDES I DON CARE!! *wailing on the floor if i don't get them*
-my fking suju4jib album is coming next week. yes fking. i waited it damn long. damn damn long. until my heart isn't itching who will i get for the photocard. i could have gave birth while waiting for the idiot to dispatch them. maybe not, i'm kidding.

minor reminder for me: (else can ignore this)
-chapter updates for MF and ISWAK and FLAL..

i'm going to take photos with my pink camera *chuckling*

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

jjang, so great! i have burnt a big hole in my wallet for buying a camera today! i actually felt good =X not because i felt utterly happy for spending money, but i got something i been wanted to buy... i was sifting through my emails and junk mails, and i came across a Sony's advert about a new launch of a limited edition camera...

tada~ introducing 14.1 Mega Pixel W Series Cyber-shot with Rhinestones (Pink)
Featuring decorative details with sophisticated rhinestone dot pattern as well as convenient photographic features such as iAuto and SteadyShot® image stabilization. It's the perfect camera for everyday use, making a splendid addition to ladies’ wardrobe.
so sweet right?! my wallet is wailing now because i'm almost-400 bucks poorer.. gah~
they threw in a special pouch for this camera which is currently out of stock because too demanding, a SD memory card and an additional batt. early-bird promotion. my laptop is sony too=.=

and now in clash with the PC show which having the promotion for this camera(non-rhinestone version) at $369, with a few goodies which i don't really need them. i'm so vain.

i'm going to register the waranty tomorrow!!

the cough and pain is killing me, and i'm feeling groggy after drinking the medicine, in fact i felt sleepy the whole day. i resist the sleepiness taking its effect on me this morning because i want to go out to walk walk with my mum later and not sleep, knowing that if i once lie on my bed i wouldn't want to wake up for as long as possible.

it was a nice moment to walk with my mum around in ION and we shared a tori-q bento set, been long we ate it together.. and we ate the Pannacotta Mixed Berry Pasticream from Marvelous Cream as dessert. I really love this flavour but it cost $5.90 for a small cup. I want more from the shop and more shopping with mummy!

great i'm going to sleep and i need to write my work tomorrow!! =P

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

there's so much things to sort out in my life now.

there's always something that makes me happy: write. and how people respond always sweetens my mood up... i enjoy it so much.

i'm still waiting for my suju's 4jib album to come, i pray hard i'll get yesung's photocard, i don't want heechul. please!

i cried watching this MV, KRY FTW!! why they never fails to touch me with their voice? first was Heartquake, then was The One I Love, now, Coagulation

the song has been spinning in my mind since they released their full album, i didn't want to download it cos i preordered the album, might as well rip from the album then download, but i just can't wait for it cos the person is taking damn long to sort out.

plus their MV, cries. damn sad.

[Ryeowook] When your cold words reach my heart
In my eyes, without me knowing, wet dewdrops
[Yesung] Where they’re from and how they form over and over even I don’t know
The only thing I know is that I just really hurt
My formerly burning heart is slowly becoming cold
[Kyuhyun] I don’t know what to say, or how to hold on to you
[Ryeowook] How can I, How can I do it

[Kyuhyun] Nanananana nanananana on the window and on my eyes
dew forms, tears form, a small stream is made

[Ryeowook] Where they’re from and how they form over and over even I don’t know
The only thing I know is that I just really hurt
My formerly burning heart is slowly becoming cold
[Kyuhyun] It seems even I don’t know what to say, or how to hold on to you
[Yesung] How can I, How can I do it

[Yesung] I’m afraid that if I close my eyes they will flow even as I look up to the sky
[Kyuhyun] Of the tears that have ultimately become worse, one drop was finally discovered
[Kyuhyun] How ([Yesung] How) If I can’t see you again then how can I ([Ryeowook] How can I)
Tomorrow morning when I unknowingly reach for the telephone ([Yesung] telephone)
What will I do then ([Ryeowook] Tell me what to do)
[Yesung] I want to smile and leave you with a good image but when I look at you
[Ryeowook] The tears ultimately fall down

i feel like changing to LJ teehee

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

just a small update
haiz, i got my smu rejection letter last week and i'm trying to squeeze my brain cells to churn out a not-more-than-1000 word appeal letter.
currently 300 words. i need help please :\

woohoo suju's bonamana out, the song really really sounds like some bollywood song. *facepalm*
i'm waiting for the MV to be out tomorrow, hope i can watch the video in fb in the office..

i placed my order for suju's 4jib album!! ;D i hope my photocard is yesung!!! *pray hard*

working in IE is really good, i like working in bugis. so glad i chose this job instead. met great people and great environment. i get to go shopping everyday at bugis junction and bugis street!! nah! i go home everyday after work, no shopping except a few times *cross fingers* hehehe

i really hope for an acceptance in other uni, which is highly unlikely to come true i bet. ):
suddenly feel my future very bleak.

some part of me don't wish to go to private uni actually, unless no choice, like yenpeng said, people from all walks of life are there. hard to get friend, hard to find true friends. money is another problem definitely.

i know recently i made a friend really unhappy. i'm very sorry, sheryl.
shall i dance suju's sorry x2 for you? (: kidding! hehehehe..

shall find time update again, busy and lazy. more to lazy ;P

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